A place of empowerment for both children and adults

Since 2005, founded by Grand Master Kyoung Jin Oh, Triumph has developed as solid reputation as a place of empowerment for both children and adults of all skill levels. Through Triumph’s 11 years of growth and success we are currently teaching at 2 locations: Tenafly, NJ and Bound Brook, NJ. We have built a program designed to make the quality of training at all locations consistent.
Triumph’s philosophy is that Tae Kwon Do is not an art of the gifted few, but is for the benefit of the whole from little kids to grandparents. Our focus on individualized learning helps each student grow significantly and efficiently which satisfies parents to recommend Triumph as their Dojang of choice. Also we recognize Tae Kwon Do not just as a sport but also as a way of life. We do not only teach the sport and rules of competition but also a way to respect others. This is why Triumph separates Tae Kwon Do from all other forms of martial arts.

Triumph’s curriculum is founded in tradition but is always evolving and growing. Our programs are made sure that the curriculum is attainable for young children and adults to follow in order to have an educational, physically challenging and exciting class. Our classes are structured to begin with a warm-up with stretching exercises. After that, the students typically line up in front of the master for some warm-up pad kicking combinations. Each belt level is assigned a combination suitable for that rank. When the warm-ups are completed, the classes can consist of an amalgamation of self-defense, kicking, punching, footwork, sparring, circuit training, forms, endurance, balance and many other drills. All drills and combinations are assigned suite each students specific ability. While each class is structured, no class is ever the same.

“I know you can win, but if you don’t feel comfortable, I won’t force you. If you decide to do this, I will help you get a gold medal.”

Grand Master Oh Kyoung Jin

Master’s from other Dojangs, after experiencing Triumph’s classes say that it is like a “roller-coaster.” Triumph pushes each student to their physical limit; however, Safety is our number one priority in training. We challenge students to ache the morning after training but to have the health to train for a lifetime. The Grand Master of Triumph once said to a student who was competing at the U.S. Open “I know you can win, but if you don’t feel comfortable, I won’t force you. If you decide to do this, I will help you get a gold medal.” We value each and every student the same and help them achieve their goals whether it is to win a gold medal in a competition or just to pass a promotion test to rank up.

Triumph is also proud to say that the masters and instructors are all highly skilled and knowledgeable in all facets of the art of Tae Kwon Do including forms, self-defense, sparring, kicking and hand techniques, each also has their own area of specialization. We require them to continually educate themselves and share these new knowledge with each other at meetings that are regularly held. From the sport facet, in particular, rules and styles are constantly changing, and we at Triumph strive to stay on top.

We only offer the best. Experience Triumph Tae Kwon Do, and you will find out why our programs and classes are known as “roller-coasters.”

TRIUMPH TKD는 뉴욕,뉴저지에 3개의 지관과 4개의 사립 학교의 태권도 교육을 담당하는 버겐지역 최대 규모로 발전했습니다.차별화된 교육커리큘럼은 지역 학생과 교육 관계자들로부터 높은 신뢰와 많은 사랑을 받아 명품 태권도 교육기관이라는 명성을 쌓아가고 있습니다.태권도가 지니는 잠재된 문화 콘텐츠 가능성을 트라이엄프의 경쟁력과 전문성을 통해 미국 태권도의 새로운 미래를 열어가는 태권도 교육기관으로 거듭나고 있습니다.

태권도 문화가치 증대와 고급 브랜드화 최적의 입지 조건. (미동부 버겐카운티)
미국에서도 고소득층과 최고 학군이 밀집되어 있는 버겐지역이 트라이엄프의 주 활동무대입니다.
본관인 테나플라이 도장 바로 앞에는 뉴저지 교육평가 3위인 테나플라이 고등학교가 자리하고 있으며 주변학교 모두 최상위 학군에 속하는 지역입니다.미국 내 태권도가 고급 여가활동으로 자리매김하였으나 경제악화로 인한 태권도의 상업화가 브랜든 가치를 하락시키고 있는 실정에서 새로운 가치창출을 최적의 주변환경과 높은 질의 교육 서비스로 발전 및 보급에 앞장서고 있습니다.

Competitiveness of Triump

-매년 약 1,800명 학생의 태권도 교육. (지난 한해 추산결과 약 1,920명 교육.)
3개의 트라이엄태권도 직영 체육관.
TENAFLY BRANCH(HQ) 단일시설로는 버겐 최대 규모(10,000sqft) 고급시설.
NORWOOD BRANCH 지역 최대 학생 보유 도장. 약250명
PEARL RIVER BRANCH 가장 오래되고 전통이 있는 도장.
-일반 개인 태권도 도장의 틀을 벗어난 태권도 교육기관.