What will my children learn from Tae Kwon Do?

What benefits could it possibly offer in today’s world?


Before considering putting their children into Tae Kwon Do, parents often wonder whether their children is too young or if they will benefit from and enjoy this new form of activity. Many may even think that after all Tae Kwon Do is just a form of traditional Korean Martial arts, what benefits could it possibly offer in today’s world? We, at Triumph, are here to help you and your children understand and recognize the massive potential benefits of Tae Kwon Do training for your kids.

Strength and Balance

It is great to see children have fun as they unconsciously take care of their health. Many of today’s children are overweight due to the fact that they are inactive. Children are meant to run around and exercise their muscles for their development. Through Tae Kwon Do, children continually use and therefore improve their muscles as they learn balance and flexibility. Because Taekwondo emphasizes head-height kicks, jumping kicks, spinning and fast kicking techniques, children quickly learn to balance their weight on one leg leaving the other free to strike.

Also, under controlled conditions, learning and practicing kicking and punching, muscles are improved. Through safe and easy stretching that takes place before every class begins, flexibility and sharper reflexes and senses are also enhanced greatly. All in all, a great option if you want your children to be healthy and have fun at the same time.

Self-confidence and self-control

Taekwondo is not only healthy but also therapeutic to many. Learning to face confrontations and overcoming them is the best way for children to gain self-confidence. All parents would like their children to get along well with others kids their age. But this is not necessarily always the case. Children are often bullied, harassed, withdrawn or even just shy. Learning how to defend themselves and confront bullies, children gain self-confidence. Also, taekwondo not only teaches how to defend but also focuses on character development.

All physical learning done through Taekwondo is highly supervised and managed by instructors and masters. Through structured learning and discipline, children learn self-control and naturally show reduced aggression. Parents are amazed at the positive difference in attitude children develop through Taekwondo.

Respect and Socialization

One of the major focuses of Taekwondo is that, it is not just a form of physical training but it is also a mental training. Children learn discipline and respect for not just themselves but for fellow students and instructors and masters. Children must learn how to follow direction and respect is always shown to opponents before and after each sparring match. Not only do children learn to follow directions but they also are raised as leaders. As each child ranks up, they are expected to help and support those of lower ranks. Parents have observed that children show a change in their politeness to elders and even better relationships between siblings and friends.

Children are fast learners. Tae Kwon Do will bring out the best in your children as they do what is fun and enjoyable.