Safety is our number one priority in training.

Here at Triumph, our programs are made sure that the curriculum is attainable for young children to follow in order to have an educational, physically challenging and exciting class. We push each student to their physical limit within the controlled safe environment. We challenge students to ache the morning after training but to have the health to train for a lifetime.

At Triumph our goal is to focus on each and every individual. All drills and combinations are assigned to suit each student’s specific ability. Our overly qualified masters and instructors always make sure each student is safe.
Not only is Tae Kwon Do safe, but it is appropriate for children as early as 4 years old. Even before attending school, they not only have a great time with kids their own age, but also pick up valuable life skills like focus, confidence, determination and respect for others.

Want to learn more on how Tae Kwon Do benefits children? Read our ‘Benefits for Children’ page and if you would like your children to join Triumph, just give us a call or fill out the contact us form and we will be more than happy to welcome your children into our Triumph family. Also take a look at the focus and smiles on the children’s faces as they enjoy Triumph’s programs.